Tiara Cake Toppers as Cake Ornaments

The latest trend in cake design! Tiara wedding cake toppers are more popular than ever before.

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wedding cake with tiara on topwedding cake tiara wedding cake crownbridal tiara on a wedding cake

Cake Tiaras

If your cake is to be placed in the center of the room and viewed from all sides, a round tiara may work better. A half-round or crescent tiara will work if one side is covered with flowers, as in some of the cakes above. These closeups show some of the intricate, beautiful detail that is available on genuine tiaras. Be sure to avoid the cheap costume rhinestone tiaras sold by many companies. They may not last until your wedding day!

Please note: we have just learned that some of the tiaras shown here have been discontinued and are no longer available. There are still many fine tiaras on the market that make great cake toppers!

Our thanks to Princess Bride Tiaras and to Angelo's Wedding Cakes in Boston for supplying us photos to use for this article.

Caveat Emptor! You can't buy a quality tiara for 20 dollars! Better tiaras are constructed with genuine Austrian leaded-glass crystals and are plated with real silver or gold, or sometimes plated with rhodium, which is more expensive than silver and does not tarnish. Better tiaras are just not that expensive compared to the cheaper ones, and are destined to be heirlooms, handed down to your children. Shop around! Our favorite tiara sources for better tiaras is Princess Bride Tiaras Cinderella Collection for tiaras made with real gold and silver. Why not invest in an heirloom instead of a throwaway tiara, especially when the price isn't that much more?

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